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What Can You Buy With Bitcoin? The World’s First Bitcoin Baby

The World's First Bitcoin Baby

The result of world’s first medical transaction with Bitcoin was born in California recently: a cute little baby, whose parents paid for their fertility treatment cycle with Bitcoins. Read about the first Bitcoin baby in CNN Money.

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin

This baby is the result of fertility treatment cycle paid for in bitcoins.


Usually owners of Bitcoins buy things like electronics online, or purchase money in other international currencies on major trading websites. But the cybercurrency is being accepted more and more by regular stores and online retailers all the time.

Illegal Bets Stored In Bitcoin - What Can You Buy With Bitcoin

An Alberta man made headlines when he sold his house for Bitcoins earlier this year. The digital currency opens the door to many new and exciting opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, and people willing to think outside the box a little, and take a chance on this versatile new currency.

There will be many interesting Bitcoin firsts making headlines this year.