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Former JP Morgan Head Announces New Blockchain Startup, Clovyr

Former JP Morgan Head Announces New Blockchain Startup

Clovyr, a new blockchain startup, is launched by Amber Baldet and Patrick Mylund Nielsen, two former JPMorgan blockchain employees. The new blockchain startup will offer something similar to an app store, but for “decentralized applications” which exist on a blockchain.

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Clovyr is a decentralized application store that will host a selection of well-vetted applications alongside some in-house developer tooling designed to simplify application development for enterprises.

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In a public beta planned to launch later this year, the team intend to provide an initial development framework for enterprises looking to build on the tech, as well as other potential novelties such as tooling for data analysis on private datasets. The beta version of Clovyr will be a collection of developer tooling.

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The startup’s applications intend to provide compliancy for the GDPR, a strict data-protection law that comes into force in Europe this month that some have worried may cause problems for public blockchain data.

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Amber Baldet , who was listed on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young people in business and CoinDesk’s 10 Most Influential in Blockchain, led JPMorgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence and helped the bank set its strategy.