9 Best Crypto Friendly Countries In The World

Today, you will find Travel in most “to-do lists”. Thanks to well-crafted tourism campaigns, blogs on how ‘work–life balance’ is key to a good life. This is eye-catching to everyone, the peer-pressure augmented through cute and wonderful ‘travel’ pics posted so very frequently across social media, constantly reminding us about planning a vacation!

In some cases, a country, bank, or other institution that is merely tolerant of crypto can be good enough. Think, for example, of a bank that serves as a waypoint between an exchange and a real estate investment. Talking about travel, the budget is a good starting point for planning a vacation and this year there has been much buzz around ‘cryptocurrency’ and the regulatory uncertainty and future of virtual currencies.


However, today’s tolerant parties may be tomorrow’s “we changed our mind” nightmares if new regulations or policies are enacted. The most crypto-friendly countries are, naturally, those who have gone out of their way to attract Bitcoin and altcoins to their shores.

As we say here at Nomad Capitalist, “go where you’re treated best”. The easiest way to find out who will treat you best is to see who is literally begging for your business. I did not consider countries whose citizens own lots of Bitcoins, altcoins, or any other coin. As the government and institutions need to be pro-crypto.

As in any other area, no one country will cater to every crypto investor or entrepreneur. So, its the time to mix a crypto-friendly solutions from different countries in your plan or say to do list.

There is a list of the best crypto-friendly countries in the world, taking in mind banking, trading, taxes, the blockchain, and actual startup businesses:



Malta is a small, island country in the Mediterranean Sea that lies south of the island of Sicily, Italy. The Parliament of Malta, which has long been working to cement the European island nation’s standing as pro-Bitcoin. And also passed three bills establishing a framework for blockchain technology in July 2018.

Malta is called as the “Blockchain Island”. The prime minister even called crypto “the inevitable future of money”, which is remarkable.

Malta is opening the investment opportunities where generally it is difficult. Now, Malta will offer crypto startups an established regulatory body along with low net corporate rates and the possibility for EU bank account opening.



The tiny principality of Liechtenstein is a small, alpine German-speaking country doubly landlocked by Switzerland and Austria. It is not just one of only two double landlocked countries in the world It is now becoming the most Bitcoin-friendly countries in the world in the pro-bitcoin list.

It has started to open up to crypto. Bankers at shops like Bank Frick are not only dealing in cryptos for their clients, but are even advising on ICOs The microstate has become so coin-friendly that Forbes says

“Blockchain is booming in Liechtenstein”.

Liechtenstein’s Crown Prince is courting the crypto community, claiming to be investing himself and reminding that while Liechtenstein is in the heart of Europe, it’s not in the European Union.

For many crypto startups, the alpine forests of this tiny country are perfect for the same reason the place has more corporations than people: low taxes and friendly regulation.




Bermuda is a self governing British overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Caribbean, off the coast of North America east of North Carolina.

Bermuda is a small Caribbean island with government’s new regulations and welcoming attitude towards cryptocurrency.

The New York Times recently recognized Bermuda as an emerging destination courting crypto businesses and investors.The premier of Bermuda, E. David Burt, told the Times that with just 65,000 people and 20 square miles,

“we want to position Bermuda as the incubator for this industry.”In August 2018, Bermuda passed legislation allowing a separate class of banking license favoring fintech.

Bermuda has also passed a law allow for fast approval of ICOs. Binance is investing millions to set up compliance operations on the island; altcoin iCash has also set up shop in Bermuda.




Estonia is a Baltic state in Northern Europe having land borders with both Latvia and Russia. Estonia was one of the first countries to consider issuing its own cryptocurrency. In addition to the already existing eResidency program, they wanted to establish an Estcoin for payment processing.




Switzerland is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It has borders with France to the west, Italy to the south, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east and Germany to the north. Now, it is became the home of hundreds of blockchain startups, which considered as ” Crypto Valley”.

For one thing, the Ethereum Foundation is based in Zug. Switzerland has become a hub for initial coin offerings, and the exchange Shapeshift also chose to incorporate in Zug several years ago. It is claimed that the influence of Nikolas Nikolajsen, founder of Bitcoin Suisse, drove the region to be an early pioneer in welcoming cryptocurrency businesses.




For more than two years Dubai has been working to become a Smart City with the help of Blockchain. If one thinks of countries that are often associated with cryptocurrencies, one would probably have come late to the Arab Emirate of Dubai. It is acccepting the bitcoin technology and welcoming cryptocurrency.




Singapore is a Southeast Asian island nation open to cryptos. In fact, MAS is also looking to bring Bitcoin under singular regulation in combination with other monetary services.




The Japanese crypto community is one of the largest in the world and has profited disproportionately from the crypto-defensive attitude of the Chinese government Japan is certainly one of the early adopters of cryptos, in fact, it probably was the first country in the world to approve Bitcoin as legal tender.




Georgia a country in Eastern Europe, on the coast of the Black Sea and a state in the southern United States. Eastern Georgia has always been one of the wealthiest parts of the country, thanks in part to vineyards making wine in ancient Georgian tradition. Today, the same valleys are home to crypto mining operations.

The government is slowly opening up to the idea of cryptocurrencies, with one political party allowing its flock to use their computers to mine Bitcoin as a donation.

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