Bitcoin Scam, A Way To Avoid Bitcoin Scam Sites!

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Bitcoin Scam – The price of the bitcoin currently reaches approximately 25 million per 1 BTC, the price increasing bitcoin skyrocketed compared to last year and why now more and more also sprung various scam sites.

For a beginner like me, it will be quite difficult how to distinguish sites that scam and not.

Bitcoin Scam

Need to watch out for, especially for beginners who are looking for the coins of the bitcoin, because many scam sites that impersonate Cloud Mining and others. For it in this article, I will share tips on how to avoid fraud or scam which led to the site.

“Breaking News: recently in the real world much of robbery or  who asks with a ransom in the form of bitcoin, even in Indonesia also had circulated the news there are people who managed to hack or compromise a computer belonging to one of the pains in Jakarta and the perpetrator ransom bitcoin computer affected by the hack can get back to normal. “

Okay, back to the main topic we are discussing increasing the site which led to the previous scam, you guys need to know that not all scam sites can harm us, depending on how we play it and there are some procedures we need to understand First, however, I will not explain them in detail here.

I only share or sharing all the experiences that I’ve ever faced during World Cryptocurrency know your Bitcoin.

Harm’s not meaning we lost money or assets bitcoin alone, but could also harm the time Y’all.

The principles I have for looking for bitcoin it for free only one during the site free alias I’ll try to run it up to the maximum limit specified withdrawal (because I pretty much time aka unemployed), but If in the procedure or how to play these sites are required to deposit in advance I better not stop/resume it.

Then what are the traits of the bitcoin site culminate with a scam??

The site features Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin Scam_1

Most sites that culminate with scam characteristics – its character:

  • The contract belongs to the Domain of the site, but a lot is only 1 – 2 years even just 6 months.
  • Do not use SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • A Deposit is required prior to making a Withdrawal, let alone be an unreasonable profit.
  • Cloud Mining school site.
  • There is no evidence that transactions are transparent.
  • Apologize in advance, for an explanation of the five things I will try to explain the above in the next article, due to the limitations of the internet connection.

Tips to avoid those sites.

  1. Find more information about these sites. Here buddy could be googling about that site, Where the origin of its founder, who origins, how it works, etc.
  2. do not readily believe in the sites of the new stand. Although these sites advertise anywhere, Like in Google, at Yahoo, in large websites. Do not easily believe and always alert.
  3. Keep Asking people who have had experience in the world of Bitcoin

That’s some surefire tips to anticipate or avoid scam sites bitcoin. Thank you have visited.